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We sleep better at night

We sleep better at night

For a year now, we have followed the Lykke family from Esbjerg in Denmark in their attempt to find the right duvets and pillows for their family. When we first met them, they only had few thoughts about their sleep environment. The only time Louise, mother of 2 girls, had thought even a little about it was when she was looking for a baby duvet for the family's youngest, Uma, 3 years ago.

“Over the past year, we have been "forced" to deal with our sleep needs and the impact of different duvets. We are really happy about the outcome,” says Louise. "If we had not taken part in this “study”, we would probably still use our 10 year old duvets, which were long out of date".

The family has tried duvets for both summer and winter [Link to blog post: “Send your winter duvet on summer vacation” from June]. The father in the family, Karsten, sleep better at night now than ever before. “Due to our summer duvets, we have not had the usual sweaty nights. Normally I don’t sleep with a duvet from May to August, but this summer I slept lovely with my light, cool summer duvet. In my opinion there is no such thing as an "all year-round duvet" even though I have thought so for many years.”

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See how Louise and Karsten have changed their sleeping habits in the video.

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The biggest plus is the improvement of the kid’s sleep. "The girls love to cuddle up with their duvet and pillow, and we have had fewer nights where they have woken up several times or been cold because they have kicked off the duvet. That has had a very positive effect on our sleep," says Louise with a smile on her face. By choosing a duvet and pillow that is adapted to the child's needs, they get a better sleep. Many parents tend to hand down their own discarded duvets and pillows to the kids, and this is not ideal.

“We don’t understand why we didn’t prioritize our sleep and our choice of duvets and pillows until now. After all, many years of our lives have gone with less than optimal sleep simply because we didn’t know better,” Karsten sums up their experiences.

How to sleep better

The Lykke family and our duvet experts has listed their best advice for choosing new duvets and pillows:

  • It is a fact that different people have different needs. The perfect duvet for you might not be ideal for your partner
  • Consider your sleeping environment. Is the bedroom well insulated? Is it hot or cold? Do you sleep with the window open? These conditions can affect your choice of duvet
  • Give your new duvet and pillow time to "unfold". It takes approx. 14 days for your body to get used to your new sleeping equipment
  • Don’t forget your children. They also deserve a good night’s sleep, and not just mom and dad’s discarded duvets and pillows
  • Your bed linen can affect the duvet’s insulating abilities. Choose bed linen made out of natural materials that support the duvet’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature all night long.
  • Go to a JYSK store and get advice and guidance. Here you can also feel and try different duvets and pillows before choosing.

Get more advice on choosing the right duvet and pillow for you in our duvet guide and pillow guide.


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